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Insurance is a tool that helps ensure the future happiness
of the people you love, in case you can't

Quick Stats


   In a recent survey more than two in three Americans said they would feel the financial impact from the loss of a primary wage earner. 


The average amount of coverage for U.S. adults has dropped to $167,000, down from $300,000 a decade ago. 


People with life insurance is at a 50-year low.

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A safety net for the future

JLS Family Financial offers a variety of life insurance options and will work with you to find the best policy that meets the needs of you and your family. 

Whether you’re newly married, raising a family or nearing retirement and want to leave a nest egg behind, we can help you find a life insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget.


Ways to secure your future

Life Insurance

Life Settlements


Benefits to working with an Independent Agent

One-on-one communication allows agents to get to know you and your specific needs.

Agents typically give you unbiased advice and will be there to reasses if needed. 

Agents work with a variety of insurance companies which allows them to find you the best coverage at the lowest prices.

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